Sports & Recreation

Our reception team is at your entire disposal to arrange any kind of activity for you and to make your experience a most enjoyable one.

Snorkeling or underwater adventures

This is an inescapable activity in Saint Barthelemy. You can discover and observe the sea bed by swimming on the surface of the water. All the equipment (mask, finn and snorkel) is available free of charge at the reception. At any beach of your choice, you can see the coral reefs as well as numerous tropical fish and turtles just a few inches under the turquoise water.

Surfing at Toiny Beach

Toiny Beach is one of the most appreciated surfing spots on the Island. Waves are present almost all year round and offer some great surf sessions from sunrise to sunset. For our guests we have at disposal a long board of 9"0', a 7"3', as well an SUP board. 

Windsurfing and Kite Surfing

The two beaches where you can rent boards are Saint Jean and Grand Cul-de-Sac. These two places have exceptional weather conditions for these sports. Beginner or advanced, you will be supervised by internationally recognized professionals.

Big Game Deep See Fishing

St. Barth has become the Mecca of big game fishing in the Caribbean and competitions are organized year round. The most well known "open fishing tournament St Barth" takes place in July. During your stay, we can organize half and full day fishing trips.

Boat excursions

A tour around the island by sail boat or motor boat is very pleasant and several companies offer you a choice of half and full day trips with a fully manned crew, to discover St Barth and neighbouring islands.
The sunset cruise with cocktails on board is a classic!


St. Barth is great for walking, but don't forget the sun! Always arm yourself with a bottle of water and start early in the morning when the temperature is coolest. The most popular hike is from Petite Anse to Colombier Beach which is only accessible by foot or by boat. You can also climb the mountain Vitet which is 286 meters or take a tour around the point of Toiny. 


If you seek a true golfing experience, we can easily arrange a day trip to either Anguilla or Nevis which are known for their golf courses.


Just a five minute car ride from the hotel you can play tennis free of charge at the Flamboyant Tennis Club, and we can provide you with the equipment. If you wish to learn or improve we can arrange lessons with a professional coach.

SCUBA Diving

Diving excursions can be arranged through our reception team. To reach the sites takes only between 5 and 20 minutes by boat. There is a choice of 15 marine nature reserves with a maximum depth of 30 metres, as the island rests on a continental shelf. The high angle dives are adapted for beginners. For divers level 1 and above there are more remote sites which take 20 minutes to 35 minutes by boat.