Our Philosophy

St Barth for Complete Relaxation and Enjoyment

Intimacy, exclusivity, rejuvenation and relaxation are hallmarks of the Hotel Le Toiny St Barth experience.  We offer a full range of sports, activities, spa, fitness, and wellness treatments and services to augment your time here in St Barthelemy.

Hotel Le Toiny's Serenity Spa Cottage

Surrounded by lush vegetation with panoramic views of the ocean, the Serenity Spa Cottage features a wide range of ELEMIS spa treatments, an exclusive cosmetic line designed to respect the body's complex physiology. ELEMIS spa therapies work in natural synergy with the skin, body and mind.

Book your spa treatment by sending us an email to contact@letoiny.com or by calling us at tel: 1 800 680 0832 and immerse yourself into a world of exotic relaxation. 

St Barth Sports and Activities

From Relaxation to Exhilaration

What is your image of St Barth?  Beaches and clear blue ocean waters?  The finest French gourmet cuisine on this side of the Atlantic?  Beautiful people filing through prêt à porter boutiques (like our very own - La Boutique - here at Hotel Le Toiny St Barth) wearing the latest French and European fashions?  The ultimate in luxury villas and boutique resort hotels (like our very own 5-star Hotel Le Toiny St Barth)?

All of the above may be true but Hotel Le Toiny St Barth provides the added benefit of committing to make available to you a broad range of sporting and leisure activities on land, sea, or in some cases on other neighbouring islands by air to make sure your vacation experience is exactly as you had envisioned - we are here to make your dream vacation a reality.

For more information on the Activities and Sports available during your stay here at Hotel Le Toiny St Barth, please click here.

St Barth Fitness & Wellness

Our Fitness gym for weights, personal training, and wellness

It is noticeable when you arrive in St Barth that fitness, wellness and exercise are a way of life.  This philosophy of infusing your daily experiences with healthy living and fitness can also be integrated into your stay here at Hotel Le Toiny St Barth.

For more information on Fitness, click here.